Temporary and contract jobs (the easy way!)

This is why qyiik is the best way to easily find a great job in the temporary and contract job market

Nobody who is out of work knows how long they are going to be unemployed. Even individuals with years of experience who have all the skills to do the job. Many people in this predicament may not think about temporary or contractual work as an interim solution. But let’s be clear; contract or temporary work has a host of benefits which will aid your career development journey and this innovative recruitment app has been billed as the easiest way to help you on your way.

What is contract and temporary work?

Contract workers are employed to fulfill a specific requirement for a defined period of time. For example, a new company may require additional computer technicians to help set up and manage its software systems during its initial growth phase. When the systems are up and running and the need is fulfilled, the job comes to an end. The difference between contract jobs and temporary jobs is arbitrary, but in practice temp workers may just replace a vacant job role while the company finds their ideal employee. Despite this, if a worker comes into a role on a temporary basis and does an excellent job, not only could they receive a great reference to take with them, they could end up being considered for permanent employment.

A common predicament that we see is that an individual has been searching unsuccessfully for months and is no further ahead compared to when they became unemployed. Temporary work would not only fulfill your immediate cash needs, but ultimately will work in your favor when it comes to fulfilling your career goals. The truth is that anybody can benefit from temp work and nobody is excluded from its benefits; even former CEO’s. The fact is that we have all experienced some economic difficulty over the past 10 years, with a lack of secure work and limited opportunities for many. Unsurprisingly, due to these difficulties, we have seen a twenty percent increase in the number of people working part-time since 2001.

The steady rise in temporary work and contractual assignments is a visible indicator, not only of the condition of our economy but of things to come. Many managers realize the many benefits of employing temporary and contract workers. They don’t have to endure the screening and interviewing process that is typical of permanent employees; they could try out an individual without any obligation to hire if it is not working out; and they can convert a temporary or contractual employee to a permanent position once the person has proved themselves.

In the current environment, employers are seeking more temporary and contract workers for tasks that were formerly for permanent workers, while job seekers are experiencing longer periods of searching for permanent employment. While this may present some challenges, there are opportunities to be exploited. Temporary and contractual assignments provide excellent short term solutions that aid workers in the long term by providing much needed experience and a great chance to develop skills that are crucial to any given industry.

Why consider Temporary and contract work?


Often temp and contract work is available at times that you can fit into your schedule and turn down if you’re already booked. For many people this allows the ability to fulfill other life commitments, such as looking after kids and family, pursuing interests and generally having personal freedom.


Employers often make use of temp agencies to try out employees first before hiring them as regular staff. If you excel in your job, your manager may offer you a permanent position. This is the perfect opportunity to get a leg up in your career journey as the entry requirements may be relaxed compared to a permanent job. This is your chance to take the next leap in your journey; get crucial industry experience, make useful connections and develop your personal skills.


Once you have been employed in temp or contract work, the experiences, connections and references stick with you for life. Temporary work can be the stepping stone to greener pastures and the skills you develop will propel you further in your chosen field. Underestimating temp and contract work is not advisable if you need that help.

Are there issues with the temporary and contractual employment market?

Without a doubt there is. Managing multiple different sources of temp work and trying to organize a busy schedule is a headache that many people struggle with. Often skilled individuals who are out of work may find themselves in a role that does not suit their skills. To add to this there hasn’t always been an easy way to find the right shifts to suit your availability.

Why qyiik?

Finding the right temp or contract work for you isn’t easy and frankly that’s a problem that holds many people back in their journey. To solve this, qyiik has developed a recruitment application that has provided the easiest way to find work in the temp and contract job market. qyiik has created the app to find the work that specifically fits your availability. Before you even accept a job, you will have made your availability clear by choosing the exact shifts that suit you, and will include this in your job search in a clearly organized planner that is built into the app. When you set up your profile, qyiik asks you for a list of all of the skills that you excel at, and conveniently uses these to match you up to the temp or contract role that is best suited to you. This app uses a process that instantly searches through all of the job agency listings in the UK, eliminating the soul sapping search process that often makes job seeking such an unpleasant task. Searching through the jobs that qyiik finds for you couldn’t be easier, with an intuitive side swiping user interface, which makes the job search as easy as the swipe of a thumb.

qyiik is the app that the temp and contractual job market has been missing. If you experience any of the issues highlighted in this article, the next stepping stone in your career is just a thumb swipe away.