Working via qyiik

Compared to job boards and other apps

One app, every opportunity

qyiik connects you with every agency and hiring manager

All other apps connect you with a single agency or job board. Not qyiik. qyiik is an open platform that is connected to every agency and hiring manager. As soon as our bots read an advert on any job site, an account is instantly created. The moment you connect on that role, the hiring manager is notified. Instantly they can connect with you to and chat, share documents, schedule interviews or agree terms. Through qyiik’s clever technology, you can manage multiple roles and negotiations. Try doing that on a job board!

Integrity and accuracy

Managed in real time, so it is always up-to-date

Every search has a beginning and an end. Hiring managers enter searches for the skills they need. The platform manages what they do. Old searches not touched by those who created them are automatically removed. The job seeker will know when a search ends or closes.


Most job boards sell access to job seekers and their information. Not qyiik. It’s your profile, your data and you have complete control.


24-7-365. Apply for jobs by the hour or day. You decide. Real time work in the real world. Welcome to qyiik.


qyiik is an app to manage work around you. An app to connect you with every opportunity on any job board, through any agency with any hiring manager.

No online applications or emails

qyiik ‘n’ easy

Ever see an interesting role only to be sent to another site with a long drawn application form? Not on qyiik. One button does everything. Hit “Connect” and your interest is shared. The hiring manager is instantly notified and granted access to your profile. You can chat, share documents or schedule a call to discuss the role detail. Easy peasy quiik and easy.


Instant engagement

Every business needs skills.
qyiik connects you with the local businesses and agencies looking. They have 24/7/365 free access. If your skills match, a connection is made. No adverts, no emails, simply connect and discuss the roles or assignment.

Click “Connect” to work

No out-of-date adverts

Every search has a beginning and an end. qyiik manages who is searching for what. Old searches not touched by those who created them are automatically removed. Only active searches are shown.

Guaranteed response

Every searched is tracked. When a role is filled, shortlisted or closed, every job seeker who is interested in the role is notified. Every job seeker receives a response.

No job match emails

Tired of pointless emails with roles you have no interest in? qyiik does not use email notifications. Use the app, check the dashboard, connect on work that interests you. Otherwise kick back, relax and enjoy the silence! We won’t hassle you.

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