Our commitment to workers

qyiik is dedicated to protecting your privacy. Our technology enables you to maintain complete control of your profile as you seek work. Here’s how.

You decide

Your profile, your data, your control


qyiik is a free open platform with a single purpose, to allow those seeking work to be found. You are in 100% control of your profile all the time. You decide who can see your profile and access your information. qyiik does not sell access, have licenses or offer subscriptions.


qyiik builds your profile as you use the app. qyiik uses your likes and skills to find the work that is most relevant to you. Hiring managers access qyiik for free. They can search and find you by your skills and interests.


Your employment documentation is important. You decide who has access to it and when qyiik provides you with a central repository of all the documents you may need to secure work.


You decide contact frequency. Limit contact requests to roles you liked or only to connected roles. Maintain full control of all engagements and manage contact requests to suit your interest level.

In-app and offline

Improving experiences with technology

Your data

qyiik was developed with your data in mind. It is inevitable that some information must be shared in an effort to seek work. However qyiik never considers any of your data, ours. We do not sell or allow access to those seeking work as a subscriptions or licenses.

Your privacy

qyiik prides itself on not charging companies to access your profile or data. We offer you a platform to connect and engage with potential employers at your discretion.

Your control

qyiik recognizes and supports the fact that you own ALL of your own data. We do not sell or distribute your data or access to your profile in any way.

Managing information

qyiik does not own your profile. You do.

qyiik is committed to your privacy. You share only the information that is relevant for your job search.

  • If at any time you do not want your profile to be viewable, just click “incognito”. You cannot be seen by anyone other than the talent benches that you have joined.
  • qyiik has a full engagement module that allows you to govern everything about you. From messaging to CV’s you decide and if prefer you can decide on a case by case basis.

qyiik takes your privacy extremely seriously

  • qyiik does not charge anyone to access the platform. You are guaranteed that you are in complete control all the time.
  • The qyiik dashboard allows you to see the same information hiring managers and agencies do. If something is not right, change it.
  • With qyiik, you can control your engagements with every hiring manager. If somebody wants to know if you are available, tell them to look on qyiik.