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Update your availability ONCE and instantly every agency and hiring manager will know you are available to work. No phone calls to make, no emails to send.

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Temporary workers are an integral asset to every organisation, companies need temporary staff.

The agility of a flexible workforce allows an organisation to adapt rapidly to fluctuating business demands.

Organisations often have assignments or projects that require skills beyond their permanent workforce.

Contractors satisfy this gap with their employment being based on a specific contract or assignment, for a specifc period of time.

On-demand skills keep organisations moving. Many organisations are built around them.

From pediatrics to seasonal pickers, some roles need filling when the need arises

Ready to get hired?

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No more moving from job site to job site, or agency to agency. qyiik is a single market place where your skills are accessible by all UK recruitment agencies and hiring managers. Our algorithm matches jobs to your skills and experience.


Get hired on your terms. You have the freedom and flexibility to control when, where and how you work. Planning shifts or scheduling contracts has never been easier. Update your availability and it is shared immediately with all employers.


Your work speaks for itself. Every job you take through qyiik is automatically recorded. qyiik updates your skills, experience and work history so you don’t have to. As you complete assignments and your experience grows, your profile will be displayed more prominently.

Out with the ‘Ad’, in with the new

Find today’s work, not yesterday’s

At qyiik we’re not about dusty old job ads. Our focus is on what is available right now.

As hiring managers search for the skills they need, we have some clever technology that allows you to see who needs what, where and when. That’s a win-win for everyone.

Now we see you, now we don’t

Stay in control of your job search

You decide who and when your profile can be seen. Hide your profile. No more random calls or endless job emails.

It’s time to sit back and relax until you’re ready for your next big assignment.

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Exploring long-term contracts, managing shifts or looking for extra work, qyiik is the only tool you need.

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