Is Temporary Staffing the Right Solution for your Business

Is Temp Staffing the Right Solution for your Business?

Temporary or contract staffing workers are in high demand from businesses who crave the flexibility to engage people with specific expertise for specific projects for fixed periods of time. The dramatic growth of this type of labour is down to changes in the labour market, in economic conditions, skills shortages and changes to working patterns. Contingent workers accounted for 20% of workforces in 2017 according to Staffing Industry Analysts research.

So what factors are driving these trends? Businesses are benefiting from temporary and contract staffing in a range of ways. Let’s find out what these are.

Scale your business while keeping costs down

A report from HRreview (2014) showed that the cost of hiring a new staff member averages at £5,433. Small, growing businesses may be held back by these costs and training new staff may simply not be the right solution in the short term. The most efficient solution may be to hire a temporary worker on a limited contract.

A source of skilled staff on demand

Many businesses experience seasonal fluctuations in demand for their product or service. Hospitality is a clear example of an industry where there can be extreme differences in demand over different periods, but the same issues may arise for almost any industry. As a business owner, the ability to flexibly and quickly source the right number of staff for your current needs can be the difference between an efficient business and a lagging one with higher costs and HR difficulties.

Cover for short term staff shortages

Staff absences are unavoidable for all hirers. Holidays, sickness and other commitments are all reasons for workers to take time off work, however this doesn’t have to be a problem.

Temporary staffing provides a solution to this problem, where colleagues may not be able to fully cover each other’s absences. Businesses need to respond quickly to absences by hiring temp workers with the right experience, bringing them in and completing work without lengthy training periods.

Give new temp workers a chance before you hire

It’s not often the case that employers get to trial workers to see if they are a good fit for the business. CV’s don’t always give you the full picture, as good credentials on paper don’t always translate to the suitable candidate to fit into your particular business, and mistakes can be made that impact your operations.

In hiring a temporary employee you gain the chance to witness the quality of the worker and see how they integrate into the team and handle customers. This gives a great opportunity to assess whether this temp worker would truly be an asset to the business and leaves open the option for full time employment.

A flexible work force

Managing a work force is tough. HR difficulties can drain time, energy and resources away from the delivery of your product or service. Using qyiik’s tech to quickly and easily find temp workers on-demand provides a great tool to minimise costs and time spent on recruitment. Qyiik allows employers to focus on delivering their vision, while minimising the documentation, timesheets and resources involved with recruitment.