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Common questions about qyiik

  • How does qyiik work?

    It couldn’t be easier. You freely search for the skills you need, when you need them. You connect and chat with the job seekers that interest you, you can even set up interviews and review relevant employment documentation.

  • Do I need to upload or share data?

    No. qyiik doesn’t use – or need – your data, ratings or reviews in anyway. You will not see any references to job seekers other than data driven by the job seekers themselves. You can rate a job seeker for a role so as track them, or flag them for a colleague, however this information remains within your agency and is no use to qyiik.

  • What integration is required?

    None. qyiik is an engagement platform connecting you with all relevant job seekers. You simply log in, search and engage with the job seekers that are of interest to you

  • How does qyiik help manage on-demand resources?

    qyiik allows you to schedule and deploy resources in an instant. The platform generates real-time availability and lets you know when a job seeker is unavailable. Resources can clock in at client sites, manage their time sheets and even be employed on multiple rosters through a single app.

  • What tools do I have to identify the right resources?

    qyiik is a multi-tenancy platform which allows job seekers to engage with every agency. As they use the platform their engagement creates a real-time profile. Agencies can quickly ascertain job seekers skills, interests, availability and work experience without having to gather and store this data in their own CRM system. This information is always accurate, up to date and free!

  • Free search, free post, what’s the catch?

    None. qyiik is an engagement platform connecting you with all relevant job seekers. You simply log in, search and engage with the job seekers that are of interest to you.

  • Can we access the data for billing, payroll and team management?

    Yes, and all for free. The qyiik platform has all the data you need in simple and easy to use reports. If you need to do some clever stuff then the data is available in CSV files for you upload or export. You can even request any missing data sets or reports, we’ll add what we can.