Connectivity in a modern world

Protecting intellectual property while growing digital networks

Open exchange

A free and open platform where job seekers act as data controller for their data and profile

Fair and transparent

Job seekers engage with qyiik once and connect with all hiring managers instantly

Single opt in

Use qyiik to find the skills you need in fair clear and compliant way

Multi-tenancy engagement

Technology for every step in the recruitment process

Connectivity in a fair and compliant way

Job seekers cannot manage multiple data profiles across multiuple agencies and hiring managers. qyiik consolidates this into a single profile that allows them to engage freely with multiple hiring managers and agencies without compromising their privacy

Processing data, not owning it

qyiik was designed with data legislation in its core. qyiik does not own data or self access to it. A free and open platform ensures that job seekers remain in full control of their privacy. They can use qyiik as little or as much as they like to aid them in finding work, hiring managers and agencies can be sure their engagement is welcome and compliant.

One app no emails

qyiik was designed to exclude the use of emails meaning engagement can only occur by the job seeker logging in. The explicit logging in ensures that all engagement is welcomed. No data can be exported or downloaded without the job seekers permission. With a full audit or every CV downalod or document request job seekers and maintain a real time record of where their data is.

Ready to find talent?

How to use the qyiik platform

The qyiik platform connects hiring managers with skilled and available workers. Here’s how to connect with those who have the skills you need.