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How to use the qyiik platform

The qyiik platform connects hiring managers with skilled and available workers. Here’s how to connect with the great workers with the talent and skills you need.


On-demand workforce

Real time availability connects you with local skills to create an on-demand workforce.


Unparalleled access to talent

Manage your team in real-time in a matter of minutes

Free team management tool

A free and open platform with no license cost, subscription fees or connection charges. Fully integrated workflows.


View all available, skilled, interested and eligible resources. 24/7/365. No need to chase availability, saving you time.

Connect to new talent

If you need new talent for your team you can view and coonect, check avaialblity and complete any complaince checks.

Manage your team

For every type of business

Temporary workers are an integral asset to every organisation.

The agility of a flexible workforce allows an organisation to adapt rapidly to fluctuating business demands.

Organisations often have assignment or projects that require skills beyond their permanent workforce.

Contractors satisfy this gap with their employment based on a specific contract or assignment, for a specific period of time.

On-demand skills keep organisations moving.

From pediatrics to seasonal pickers, some roles need filling when the need arises.

Talent Bench

Create a talent pool of skilled resources. Use this steady stream of available candidates to fill open positions and decrease your time-to-hire.

Free Recruiting

Find skilled candidates faster and quicker. Enter your requirements and fill openings without fees or payroll commissions.

Connecting Talent

Temporary, on-demand and contractors work when and where they want. Access the best available people when you need them, even for just one shift.

No Integration

qyiik’s approach:
We read over 10k websites a day.
We know exactly what skills your business requires.
We know every skill you need or previously advertised.
It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Sourcing Talent

qyiik’s connectivity solution provides agencies and hiring managers access to an infinite talent pool. Agencies can search, manage and assign the resources their clients need. Search for roles and see the job seekers that match your skill requirements.

Return on Investment

qyiik is free to access. No connection/subscription fees or hidden charges. qyikk uses a “pay on placement” structure. Agencies can use qyiik as often as they like, knowing they are charged only when the candidate accepts the assignment or shift.

Meet demands quickly

Match open opportunities with available talent

Your Talent Bench gives you access to a pool of most qualified candidates for your open assignments. qyiik provides a direct link between you and the available talent when you need them. By using the current team skills, qyiik is able to propose and match new team members to further grow your roster.

No integration, no registration, no subscription

qyiik knows the skills you need

Our bots read over 10k websites 4 times a day, this includes yours.
We index and log every job advert to capture the skills your business needs.
Without any integration, we will show you your current skill requirements and match job seekers with the right talent.

Manage your team and attract new skills

By managing your current hires through qyiik, the platform is automatically matching new skills it knows you require. qyiik reads job posts and remembers exactly what skills you need. You get notified, if someone matches. Even without logging in.

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