Frequently Asked Questions

A single market place for the temporary and contract sector


  • What is qyiik?

    qyiik provides unparalleled access to talent through a single market place. This innovative exchange opens the way for both recruiters and job seekers to find natural matches and fulfill placements more efficiently in a fully electronic environment.

  • What problem does quiik solve?

    Availability and opportunity. Previously job seekers had no way of simultaneously connecting with multiple agencies to secure the best opportunities. With qyiik, job seekers can update every UK agency with their skills and availability. In turn, agencies can freely access this information to find the skills that their clients need.

For Job Seekers

  • Does qyiik have work in my town or city?

    qyiik is available in every city and town where there is an agency or business looking for skills. Our bots read over 10,000 websites, 4 times a day. We’ll know if anyone is looking for skills in your town or city.

  • I don’t want to use another website for my job search

    Great because we don’t have one! The qyiik robots read every available agency website 4 times a day so we can tell you who needs what skills and where. Just hit “Connect” and we’ll do the rest.

  • I am specialized contractor, does qyiik work for me?

    100%. You’re guaranteed no matter how specialized your work is, you can be found on qyiik. That is when you want to be found!

  • I am just looking for some extra work, can I use qyiik?

    qyiik is perfect for you. You can update every agency when you are available want or the shifts you are looking to work. You can accept/reject the shifts or assignments as they come in through the app.

  • How is my profile automatically updated?

    Your skills are your greatest asset. With every role, shift or assignment you accept, your profile and work experience is fully updated. Agencies can find your skills and experience without you doing anything.

  • Privacy is important to me. I don’t want agencies bugging me.

    qyiik is unique. We don’t sell access to you or your details. You are in 100% control of your profile. You decide who can contact you and when. You can set preferred agents to work through. Go incognito so you see the work, but agencies don’t see you.

  • Is incognito, TRULY incognito?

    Yes. When you go incognito your profile does not appear in talent lists. It is only visible to the hiring managers where you have chosen to join the talent bench.

  • Can I block an agency or hiring manager?

    To be visible to specific people, you must join their talent bench. Nobody else can access your profile.

  • How does request access to CV or documents work?

    qyiik locks access to your CV and documents. Access is granted on a per role basis. This access is air tight which means if you appear on a different role’s talent list, you will be asked again.

  • Does qyiik make money from my data or profile?

    No. qyiik is a booking platform that allows you to connect with as many hiring managers as you like when you are seeking work. We only charge the hiring manager a small booking fee to book you for a role or assignment.

For Agencies & Recruiters

  • How does qyiik work?

    Search for the skills you need, when you need them. Connect and chat with the job seekers that interest you. Set up interviews and review relevant employment documentation.

  • Do I need to upload or share data?

    No. qyiik does not use or need your data, ratings or reviews. You can rate a job seeker for a role so as to track them, or flag them for a colleague. However this information remains within your agency and is not used by qyiik.

  • What integration is required?

    None. qyiik is an engagement platform that connects you with job seekers. You simply log in, search and engage with the job seekers that are of interest to you.

  • How does qyiik help manage on-demand resources?

    qyiik allows you to schedule and deploy resources in an instant. The platform generates real-time availability and lets you know when a job seeker is unavailable. Resources can clock in at client sites, manage their time sheets and be employed on multiple rosters through a single app.

  • What tools help me identify the right resources?

    qyiik is a multi-tenancy platform which allows job seekers to engage with every agency. As they use the platform their engagement creates a real-time profile. This information is always accurate, up to date and free. Agencies can quickly ascertain job seekers skills, interests, availability and work experience without having to gather and store this data in their own CRM system.

  • Free search, free post, what’s the catch?

    There isn’t one. The search, post and all other stuff is free to use. qyiik was developed using open source software and some very clever technology. It was developed around the principal that recruitment should be candidate centric. qyiik allows the candidate to store and manage their data, not the agencies. It is a “pay on placement” business model with many clever functions that benefit both parties.

  • Can we access data for billing, payroll and team management?

    Yes, and it is all free. The qyiik platform provides all the data you need in simple and easy to use reports. The data can be exported as a CSV file.

    How can I find skills for a weekend assignment?

    qyiik can help you find talent for whatever you duration need. A month, a week, weekend or day, qyiik is perfect for you. Simply search for the skills you need and define the time period. Every person available with the relevant skills will be notified.

  • What about documents and employment eligibility?

    Our compliance tracker allows you to set the requirements you may need. You can request job seekers to upload whatever documents you require. When hired through qyik, there is a full audit record of the completed checks.

  • How does a talent bench help me?

    Every business needs skills. A talent bench is a team of skilled people, ready and waiting. By adding people to your bench, they are granting you privileged access to them. You can enagage with them whenever you need. This means you can respond to your business needs instantly, without the cost of permanant staff.

  • How do I know who is available or interested?

    qyiik tells you. Job seekers manage their profile in real time. The job seeker is in full control. With every click or action in the app, they are updating their profile. Every hiring manager can see what they are interested in and when they can work.

  • How much commission do you charge?

    None. qyiik is not the employer, you are. We do not charge any commission. qyiik charges a small booking charge for managing the engagement. This is similar to the booking fee on train ticket or concert ticket. qyiik is a utility for you to book the skills you need when you need them.

  • What happens if I don’t use the platform to hire?

    Not a lot. We manage and track activity and can exclude those we feel are compromising the service. The proposition is simple. The more you hire and book through the platform, the easier it is for your business or agency to find people with the relevant skills. If you don’t book through the platform, your business is not seen as active.

For Hiring Managers

  • Why should I use qyiik?

    qyiik makes your temporary recruitment process easier. By using qyiik, you will know who is available, skilled, and eligible to work without picking up the phone. A talent bench provides a real time view of available candidates to help you reassign staff accordingly.

  • What is a talent bench?

    Think of it as a bench for your sports team. You might be fully staffed right now and not need anyone. However, one day you might be short staffed. You will need to find someone skilled and available to jump in and fill the spot. This is your talent bench. It is a talent pool of candidates with the skill set for the jobs you have. Use this steady stream of available candidates to fill open positions and decrease your time-to-hire.

  • How do I build a talent bench?

    Easy. You can add job seekers that you already know and have used previously. You can search the candidates by their profile and invite them to join. By using the current team skills, qyiik is able to propose and match new team members to further grow your roster.

  • Can I mix direct hires and staff provided by an agency?

    Yes. Hiring managers can mix direct hires and agency provided staff in a single roster without conflicts.

  • What if a candidate is on multiple rosters?

    Not a problem. Job seekers can join multiple rosters. Rest assured, they cannot double book.