A single market place for the temporary and contract sector

How does qyiik make money?

Our vision is to shape the future of the temporary and contractor recruitment. How? By creating a free and open marketplace for skills. A single platform that guarantees every hiring manager and job seeker are connected.

qyiik seeks no compensation for engagement. Engagement is free. We do not charge any commission. qyiik charges a small booking charge for managing the engagement. This is similar to the booking fee on train ticket or concert ticket. qyiik is a utility for you to book the skills you need when you need them.

How is the fee calculated?

The fee to book or assign skills is a simple calculation based on the rate and duration of the role or assignment. Clearly displayed with every search, a hiring manager or agency will know upfront the charge for booking a qyiik worker.


A utility like cost structure

Book skills to attract skills

Grow your team
  • Free Search
  • Free Publish
  • Open Engagement
  • Real time Availability
  • Real time Profiles
  • Smart Matching
  • Document Exchange
Manage your team
  • Talent Benches
  • Scheduling
  • Shared Rosters
  • Time Management
  • Geo Clock in / Clock out
  • Shared Business Knowledge
  • Deployment
Comply with laws
  • Compliance Checks
  • Document Review
  • Auditable Employee Records
  • Data Privacy

How do I pay?

qyiik is self managing. There are no invoices or subscriptions. Use qyiik as much as you need. The following month a statement will be generated with every hire or booking. You will need to settle the account before you hire again.

Can I avoid the fee?

You can by not using the platform. With every booking you update the platform with the skills you require. Every job seeker will know the skills you require and can connect with you anytime. This means no more adverts or online subscriptions.
Businesses are built around the skills within it. Using qyiik guarantees those with the skills you need are instantly matched.